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Verderflex Rapide

The Rapide is a compact peristaltic tube pump which can be installed as a unit in itself or integrated into a system such as a printing press or packaged turnkey skid. Suitable for rugged environments, the range uses an IP55 rated gear motor and is assembled in a heavy duty aluminium housing. The tube is 'thick-walled' for the safe and reliable handling of abrasive, corrosive and viscous fluids such as chemical solutions, fine slurry, inks, dyes, additives and other dosing fluids.

Verderflex Rapide

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. tube Tube Wall Thickness Technosheet


93.6 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 8 mm 2.4 mm


230 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 9.6 mm 3.2 mm


189 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 9.6 mm 2.4 mm


380 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 12.7 mm 3.2 mm


375 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 15.9 mm 3.2 mm


470 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 12.7 mm 3.2 mm


840 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 15.9 mm 4.8 mm


1020 l/h 2 bar 85 °C 25.4 mm 4.8 mm