Global Mark II

Verdermag Global Mark 2 metallic centrifugal mag drive pump

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Metallic Centrifugal Pumps

Verdermag Global is a range of metallic centrifugal magdrive pumps suitable for chemicals, acids, solvents, Atex environments, oils and salt water. Applications for our pumps include nanofiltration, fast-loop systems, chemical transfer, petrochemical plants, power stations, oil rigs, recirculation, pharmaceutical production and CIP lines all over the world. The magdrive principle means our pumps are 100% leak-free and provide total containment between the fluid and environment.

Centrifugal Pumps

The Verdermag mag drive range offers a 100% leak-free operation. Mag drive pumps ensure safe handling of corrosive chemicals, crude oil, high temperature and high pressures application. For all applications where containment is essential. The Verdermag series is available in metallic and non-metallic models, both offering solid performance and long service life. ATEX models are available in most ranges. Typical applications include chemical transfer, desalination, petrochemical fast loop sampling and CIP procedures.

Max. flow 80 m3/h
Differential head 105 m wc
Max. temperature 205 °C
Max. particle size 0,5 mm
Viscosity 150 cP
Minimum operating temperature -20 °C
Max discharge pressure 16 bar
Slurry max 5% wt
Minimum flow 10% of maximum effiency flow
Max power transmission 18,5 kW