Pumping soap and detergents with a Verderair double diaphragm pump

Soap and detergents are produced for a wide range of applications in industry. Soap is often a basic ingredient in the process industry and in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. An example is the pumping of industrial detergents;  either chlorinated, alkaline or silicate containing detergents. All of these cleaners may well be pumped with an air-operated diaphragm pump of Verderair.

The viscosity of the soap can often be a problem, such as during the transfer pumping action, which can be a problem for centrifugal pumps. Volumetric pumps are a good alternative to centrifugal pumps. Verderair double diaphragm pumps are the best since they are simple to operate and maintain and have excellent self priming capabilities.

A third application is the pumping of soap as a base ingredient for shampoo. If soap residue and build-up cumulates and remains in the pump, the soap will deteriorate and bacterial growth will occur. Because of the potential for contamination from bacteria, Verderair sanitary double diaphragm pumps are used, particularly in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as they are easy to clean during CIP and SIP processes.