Verderflex hose pump pumping extreme abrasive lime slurry

Carolina Stalite Company uses coal-fired rotary kilns to remove impurities from slate. Due to its lightweight nature, this purified slate, also called expanded  slate, has a variety of uses including masonry, bridges, and  other structures.

As with any coal-powered operation, EPA-regulated  byproducts of combustion are released and must be dealt with. The plant had been using mechanical double-diaphragm reciprocating pumps to treat the flue gas with lime slurry.

This pumping application is particularly tough due to pressures over 100 psi and the abrasive nature of lime slurry. The slurry pumps were prone to  failure. If a pump went down, the plant had only two hours to get the pumps operational, otherwise they would have to shut down due to EPA regulation. The plant lost thousands of dollars per year, plus the massive energy costs associated with bringing the plant down and back up. They needed a better pumping solution.

Verder provided a Dura 35 peristaltic hose pump to replace the existing diaphragm pumps. Dura-series hose pumps from Verderflex offer several unique features including a vertical motor, one-piece flange assembly, and extended hose life. Verderflex pumps are helping the plant save money and energy by reducing downtime.