About Verder

Our Production Companies

Verder offers pumps that bring working solutions to customers such as making your production line smoother, safer and more reliable. Verder pumps are synonymous with quality, longevity and reliability, operating across the globe in some of the most challenging environments and demanding of projects. The quality and build of Verder pumps is a result of over 55 years of designing and manufacturing pumps and gaining the knowledge and understanding of industrial processes to continuously refine and improve our offering.

We are rightly proud of our manufacturing premises, with Verder brands being produced in 5 locations in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland and Italy. In-house pump production allows us to be more responsive to customer demand, assures the shortest lead times and maintains greater control over quality and costs.

As a result, Verder is able to meet and surpass our customer expectations. For fulfilment of all your pumping requirements, we added a selection of A-brands to our product portfolio.

All our factories produce according to ISO 9001 standards.

Packo – Belgium

Our manufacturing company Packo specializes in stainless steel centrifugal pumps, rotary lobe pumps and twin-screw pumps. Packo is creating the highest quality hygienic and sanitary pumps for industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications. The centrifugal pumps are manufactured in Belgium. All centrifugal pumps are electropolished according to an in-house developed process method for surface treatment of stainless steel.

The method is finished with hand polishing techniques to achieve the highest quality pump specification for applications where compromise is not an option. Started in 1975 with dairy pumps, Packo Pumps has developed its portfolio to include models for many certified processes including FDA, 3A and EC1935/2004. The rotary lobe pumps and twin-screw pumps are manufactured in South Korea.

With a dedicated team and investment in advancing technology, Verder can offer its Packo pumps as a premium option for compliant applications. The Diksmuide plant produces not only pumps but also static and dynamic mixers.

Microdos – Italy

Microdos is a manufacturer of small dosing pumps and systems. The company manufactures and distributes peristaltic pumps and solenoid dosing pumps including related professional control instruments, panels and complete dosing systems. Over the years, Microdos has developed a strong position in southern European countries.
These products and knowledge have proven success in the swimming pool, detergent dosing (dish washing & laundry) and water treatment applications. Microdos also provides private labelling pumps for third party companies.
Recently Microdos has invested heavily in the expansion of the company buildings, R&D and production capacity to cope with growth in demand.

Metplast- Poland

Our youngest factory is Metplast. Our Verderair Pure machined double diaphragm pump is manufactured at the production location, according to the very highest production standards.

In this modern production location everything is focused towards maintaining the highest standard of quality with a stringent protocol of testing. Metplast also produces our Babco sump pumps. 

Verder – United Kingdom

Verder’s British manufacturing facility comprises the development and production of three of the Verder house brands: Verderflex (peristaltic pumps), Verderhus (screw centrifugal pumps) and Verdermag (mag drive centrifugal pumps).

The Verder UK engineering and customer service teams seek excellence from every aspect of the product and its journey to the customer. By implementing quality procedures at every point of design, build and service we seek to continuously improve and provide the best possible product. After four decades of development and production, it is still the goal to further improve the performance and build of every pump we make. The 3,300 m2 facility is full-accredited to ISO 9001 and has several third party certifications.

Ponndorf – Germany

For more than 50 years, Ponndorf has developed and produced high quality hose pumps. The range of both lubricated and lubrication-free hose pumps are renowned for their rigid and solid construction. Ponndorf also manufactures special models such as mobile waste disposal pumps, suspension pump systems and high-pressure pumps. Ponndorf hose pumps are in use in numerous industries, such as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, paper and dye industry, surface coating, food industry, water and wastewater treatment.