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  • Industrial premises producing effluent and waste water streams
  • Temporary or emergency dosing for clean and waste water treatment works
  • Trial systems to be upscaled
  • Lime and other chemical dosing
  • pH correction
  • Flocculant dosing
  • Odour control
  • Dosing of all types of additives, inks and other fluids

(Pictured left) A dura dosing system onsite, mounted on an IBC dosing lime chemical. This application featured the dosing of lime into the waste water from a fish farm. As the fish excrete and the water becomes more toxic, the levels of BOD and COD are too high for discharge to the water course.

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Dosing 0-300l/h

Our Dura mini-packaged dosing system is a complete dosing solution - From storage and agitation of the chemical through to the monitored delivery of the fluid.

It gives access to smaller businesses who require a dosing facility but may have found the cost of a full scale system prohibitive. 

The Verder Dura packaged dosing system is ideal for plants or sites requiring an effective dosing solution but on a smaller scale, such as effluent coming off a process into a holding tank before being returned to drain.

The system can operate as a long-term, small-scale dosing solution or as a mobile, rapid-response to an existing dosing facility failing. It can be a significant investment to ensure you are treating effluent from your process. The Dura mini-system also allows established dosing facilities to have a stand-by in case of break down. The system can be very quickly put in location and made operational.

The dosing rig

The dosing unit is assembled inside a PE UV resistant frame with bund/spill catch base. The frame can be free standing or hooked onto a standard IBC. The fluid is dosed using a Verderflex Dura peristaltic pump, which is controlled via a probe and analytic meter with an inverter to regulate the dosing rate. Power is supplied by simple plug-in 3 phase power. 

A dosing rig featuring a digital solenoid metering pump is also available for such chemicals as ferric and sodium hydroxide.

The mixing unit

The mixing unit is a frame-mounted dynamic mixer/agitator with collapsible blades. The frame sits on top of any standard IBC, with the shaft easily placed through the top port. The mixer is powered through the electrical distribution on the dosing frame.

System options

The dosing units can be scaled from 1l/h < to 130l/h. In addition to the pH meter, the unit may be operated with a flow meter, pulsation dampener or batch counter. The Verderflex Dura pump may be specified with different wet-side materials for chemical compatibility.

Dosing 0-10l/h

The mini dosing systems allow a quick plug and play solution for a range of chemicals. Standard features include:

  • PP weatherproof and bunded enclosure with perspex door
  • Hook-mounts onto any standard IBC
  • 110 volt plug and play setup with MCB protection
  • Over-pressure protection
  • Leak detection
  • Suction hose with low level protection
  • Remote stop/start or 4-20ma control


  • pH and redox analyser and probe
  • Dosing formats

Options and accessories

IBC bund area

The bund area can be supplied to contain IBC's of chemical and the Verder dosing mini-system. Also available with rain canopy.

Injection lance and sparge pipe

An injection lance and sparge pipe can be supplied to suit the dual containment termination fitting allowing for dosing int a process pipe or point of application. Lance available in various materials to suit the chemical being dosed.

Dual containment dosing hose

Complete with termination fitting allowing the inner and outer hose to be terminated correctly.

Trace heating 

110 volt trace heating control box and self-regulating trace heating cable can be supplied and installed within the housing. Verder can also recommend local lagging and insulation suppliers.

Weatherproof housing

Standard features include a local distribution board, lighting and heating, IBC bund area, personnel access door.