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Verderflex Dura

The innovative hose pump is highly compact and easy to maintain. Its unique design reduces the footprint by up to 70% compared to conventional peristaltic pumps. The Dura range performs exceptionally well with abrasive slurries, dry running liquid feeds, shear sensitive polymers, high viscosity sludge and dosing applications.

Compact, innovative and reliable peristaltic pump

Thanks to its innovative design, the Verderflex Dura peristaltic pump achieves maximum performance and optimum cooling of the pump housing and hose. Read more about the innovative peristaltic pump in our new product brochure

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. (discharge) pressure Max. temperature Max. solids particle size Certificates Technosheet

Dura 5

0.1 GPM 116 PSI 122 °F 0.04 inch Atex 

Dura 7

0.17 GPM 116 PSI 122 °F 0.04 inch Atex 

Dura 10

0.98 GPM 174 PSI 149 °F 0.08 inch Atex, FDA, EC/1935 

Dura 15

2.61 GPM 174 PSI 149 °F 0.12 inch Atex, FDA, EC/1935 

Dura 25

10.5 GPM 174 PSI 149 °F 0.24 inch Atex, FDA, EC/1935 

Dura 35

23.28 GPM 232 PSI 149 °F 0.31 inch Atex, FDA, EC/1935 

Dura 45

53.86 GPM 232 PSI 194 °F 0.43 inch Atex, FDA, EC/1935 

Dura 55

67.32 GPM 232 PSI 194 °F 0.51 inch Atex, FDA, EC/1935 

Dura 55HF

72.6 GPM 232 PSI 212 °F 0.59 inch

Dura 65

145.2 GPM 232 PSI 212 °F 0.63 inch FDA, EC/1935