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About Verder

The Verder Group

The VERDER GROUP is a family of companies which unites more than 50 companies active in more than 25 countries worldwide. VERDER is a global manufacturer and distributor of innovative industrial products for industry. The company, founded in 1959 by André Verder, started as an entrepreneurial trading company in different industrial and laboratory products. Innovation and technology have been leading criteria from day one when selecting products and suppliers. Today the VERDER GROUP is fully owned and managed by the founding family, safeguarding the values which are synonymous for a sustainable family business. The two main pillars of the group are formed by the SCIENTIFIC and LIQUIDS division.  

The VERDER SCIENTIFIC division is setting standards in high-tech scientific equipment for quality control, research, and development. The fields of activity cover sample preparation of solids and analyzing technology. The VERDER LIQUIDS division is proud on providing customers from a broad variety of industries the best pumps for their applications. Main drivers are the excellent pump knowledge and a guaranteed timely delivery of the best products available. The extended product portfolio guarantees our customers increased productivity, reduced operational cost, and thoughtful, engineered solutions backed up by years of technical experience.

VERDER Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary in the Verder Liquids division, was founded in 2009 and is located in Macon, Georgia. Previously our products were distributed by GPM Pumps (founded 2000) which Verder acquired in 2009 and formed the current organization. We focus on the water and waste water market and general industrial applications. We manufacture or assemble most products at our shop, and distribute the products throughout North America via distributors with representation in all states with a traditional partner set up. Our team is made up of highly educated and motivated people who have Passion for Pumps.

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