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Verderdos VE3 serija

Serija naprednih magnetnih pumpi za multi-funkcionalno doziranje, sa alarmima nivoa i instantnom vizualizacijom protoka u % Protok 2 – 24 l/hr pritisak do 18 bara

Electromagnetic digital dosing and metering pump through water meter and with several function modes. Available as wall mounted pump.

Verderdos VE3 serija

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Technical data

Type Max. protok Max. (izlazni) pritisak Pumphead material Max. temperatura Number stroke/min Technosheet


24 l/h 18 bar PVDF  65 °C 150 


24 l/h 18 bar PVDF  65 °C 150 


24 l/h 18 bar PVDF  65 °C 150