This VKG-type is equipped with a helical bevel gearbox and the VWM-type with a Worm gearbox.

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The indirect driven mixers are equipped with an electric motor driven gearbox. These types of mixers are an excellent choice when mixable products require blending with a great care and intensity. A perfect combination of shaft speed and mixing blade size is of the utmost importance in processes of this nature.

Static and Dynamic mixers

Verdermix static and dynamic mixers are ideal for handling all kind of liquids and gases, from low to high viscosity, with or without solids and available in many different metal and plastic configurations. All mixers come with a “process guarantee’’. Every mixer/agitator is specified according to a customer's exact requirements with the size, material, impeller type, motor requirements etc. We believe this gives the customer a first class product with the best of a customized solution built with expertise and the good value of using the modular-type build from stock parts for a competitive offer.

Options Bearing lantern, sealing lantern with a mechanical seal, lip seal or stuffi ng box, chemical resistant coating.
Construction Helical bevel gearbox (VKG), Worm gearbox (VWM).
Shaft speeds Between 15 and 300 rpm
Shaft length Up to 2000 mm
Mixing elements PB2 - PB3 - PB4 bladed (removable)