Verdermag Global

Verdermag Global is a range of metallic centrifugal magdrive pumps suitable for chemicals, acids, solvents, Atex environments, oils and salt water. Applications for our pumps include nanofiltration, fast-loop systems, chemical transfer, petrochemical plants, power stations, oil rigs, recirculation, pharmaceutical production and CIP lines all over the world. The magdrive principle means our pumps are 100% leak-free and provide total containment between the fluid and environment.

Verdermag Global

Technical data

Type Max. flow Differential head Max. temperature Max. particle size Viscosity Technosheet


17 m3/h 25 m wc 205 °C 0.5 mm 150 cP


10 m3/h 40 m wc 205 °C 0,5 mm 150 cP


27 m3/h 40 m wc 205 °C 0,5 mm 150 cP

Global Mark II

80 m3/h 105 m wc 205 °C 0,5 mm 150 cP

High Pressure

80 m3/h 105 m wc 205 °C 0,5 mm 150 cP