Piping Guidelines - the best performance from your pumps

1. Pipework should be as short and direct as possible.

2. Sharp and multiple bends should be avoided.

3. Bends should be gentle & have large radius, ideally 10 x the hose ID.

4. Use Y junctions and avoid T joints

5. Suction side pipe work should never be under-sized (the minimum bore should be equal to the hose’s internal diameter).

6. Ideally it should be at least 150% of the pump size e.g. for a VF50 which uses a 50 mm or 2 inches ID hose the suction line ID should be at least 75mm (practically DN80) or 3 inches.  Larger ID’s may be required as the product specific gravity (SG), viscosity or line length increase. Please consult your Verderflex distributor in such cases.

7. Pulsation dampers or air dome accumulators should be mounted as close as possible to the pump’s suction or discharge port.  Mounting these away from the port reduces the effect of the damper by 10% for every 1m or 3 feet distance from the port.

8. Include a short, removable section next to the pump for easy access (hose changes etc).  Preferably this should be a flexible hose.

9. Lines should include isolation valves for product drain down. A hose pump is a positive displacement pump and it is good engineering practice to include a discharge line pressure relief device (closed valve or “dead head” protection). 

10. Mount non-integrating flow meters remote from the pump’s discharge port as pulsation may distort readings.

11. Fit expansion joints to Pipework to mitigate effects of pulsating flow on Pipework.

12. Whenever flexible hose connections are used ensure that the hose is made from a suitable elastometer and is adequately rated for the system's maximum suction and discharge pressure.

13. In cases when the pumped fluid contains particles that are liable to settle using the upper port flange as the inlet flange as advised.

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