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VERDER update on the current COVID-19 situation

As stated before we have implemented robust measures to ensure we can continue to assist, advise and supply you with the pumps that are essential to keep your vital processes running.

We hereby want to assure you that these measures are effectively working well. As the situation continues to develop, we remain committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Since we are producing and actively selling in numerous countries we are adhering to local government guidelines above all else first. Next to that we have put measures in place ensuring that we can continue to produce and supply whilst minimising the risks for our employees and carriers by working in split-shifts and working remotely where possible.

The sales organisation is mainly working from home but remains at your disposal for any pump-related questions, be it via telephone, email, videoconferencing or any other form of digital communication. In case of vital processes warranting physical visits (installation, maintenance) to keep them running, of course our pump engineers are available to visit, taking into account all implemented health regulations.

We know that many of our customers have a vital function also under these special COVID-19 circumstances. This can be a direct involvement in the biotech or personal care industry or more indirect like in food and beverages or other industrial processes. As every one of us plays an interconnected role in the whole chain we believe we have to make sure all of us can continue our operation in the best possible way. We understand this is of critical importance, therefore we have contingency plans in place to serve you as before. Currently all of our factories are still operational and we expect that to remain the case. Also we have sufficient stock available to answer any needs you might have.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and keep you informed regularly. Stay safe and let’s work closely together in this challenging period.

Best regards,

John Hoorneman

Director Liquids Division