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Verder pumps help fighting COVID-19

Verder is also helping in the fight against COVID-19, here are some examples how our pumps are being used worldwide to manufacture disinfectants, create screening kits and apply medicine dosing with the highest accuracy.

UK NHS user: The Verderflex Vantage 5000 application is to accurately dispense volumes of medicines from bulk containers. Filled bottles are then circulated thru’ out NHS region 

The Verderflex Vantage 5000 pumps are being used to help at this time. “I can confirm that I use the Verderflex pumps and tubing in the manufacture of essential sterile and non-sterile items. We are a NHS manufacturing unit and currently will have to increase some lines of manufacture in response to the changing needs following the COVID-19 pandemic. These items plus the technical support are essential to help us continue to support the service.” NHS User

Biotech user France: Verderflex Vantage 5000 used in production of In Vitro Diagnostic base media for COVID-19 screening kits.

Distillery in USA Ohio is producing sanitizing liquid rather than spirits during the pandemic. The sanitizer is for use at local Cleveland-area hospitals and other important entities such as USPS. 

Seven Brothers reached out to Verder for a dispensing pump and we were happy to lend a Vantage 5000 peristaltic pump for this very important service. John Lesnick, an owner at the distillery, reports the Vantage 5000 is being used to fill containers from 2 ounce size up to a gallon, and has cut down filling time by 90%, which means hospitals can get the sanitizing liquid much quicker.

PENTA S.R.O  CZ Republic: has been utilizing JEC ZL115 on the filling line to produce an Anti- disinfection by the PENTA, an authorized producer by the Ministry of Health in Czech Republic.