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Verder Liquids Division expands with acquisition of Ponndorf Gerätetechnik GmbH

Verder International BV (Vleuten, The Netherlands) has acquired Ponndorf Gerätetechnik GmbH (Kassel, Germany) , manufacturer of peristaltic pumps for industrial applications.

Ponndorf has been producing pumps since 1953; the current director Till Völker, third generation Ponndorf family, will remain active in the company. 

“We are pleased to welcome Ponndorf in the Verder Group of companies. With this acquisition, we further strengthen our position as a leading solutions provider for peristaltic hose and tube pumps and enhances its global market position for a wide range of industries,” said John Hoorneman, Managing Director of Verder Liquids BV. “Ponndorf has a strong portfolio of dry running and lubricated peristaltic pump, as well as an excellent customer base and manufacturing capabilities. We look forward to combining our research and applications expertise with Ponndorf to expand our global reach in the peristaltic pump market.”

“The new portfolio complements Verder's peristaltic pump line, and bolsters our footprint in the global peristaltic pump market,” added Kenneth McCartney, Managing Director of Verderflex peristaltic pump production. We look forward to the cooperation.”

Verder will integrate the Ponndorf pumps in the Verderflex range of peristaltic pumps but Ponndorf Gerätetechnik will continue to serve its own dealer network with the existing Ponndorf branded pumps.

Ponndorf Gerätetechnik GmbH

Ponndorf Gerätetechnik GmbH is manufacturer of a complete range of hose pumps as well as additional individual pump and control solutions. Ponndorf combines traditional values with innovative products and provides customer solutions with highly developed pump technology. 

The Verder Liquids Division

The Verder Liquids Division manufactures and distributes a wide range of positive displacement pumps. The manufacturing activities of the Liquids Division of the Verder Group focus on the production of innovative positive displacement pumps.

The distribution activities of the Liquids Division of the Verder Group (www.verder.com) are organized with focus on local presence with own affiliates. The Verder pump trading companies are trusted suppliers for the chemical, water treatment, food and process industries. Verder has a broad range of house brands that are - where necessary- completed with third party brands to offer the best solution to customers.  In this way Verder is an industrial supplier that covers almost all areas of industry with best- fit solutions.