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Using Verdermag Pumps eliminates leakage of corrosive and hazardous chemicals

Our engineer Rob Shaw from South Africa about Verdermag in EngineeringNews 'Verdermag is the only magnetic drive pump that can handle up to 20% solids'

'Many Verdermag pumps operate in processes for prolonged periods without any breakdown issues. This is owing to the inherent robustness of the mechanical design. Under normal working conditions, the only wearing part is the impeller and bearing assembly, which typically should be inspected every 16 000 hours with an expected service life of 44 000 hours if the liquid is clean and non-abrasive.'

Our engineer talks with EngineerNews about the special feature from Verdermag and why its the only magnetic drive pump that handle up to 20% solids. To read the entire article, please click here

Verder Liquids also just published a new whitepaper, where we dive deeper into the aspects of transferring and dosing of chemicals. This whitepaper is free for you to download, just click on this link!