About Verder

Pumps for the Pool and Spa Industry

Public and private swimming pools need to have values of pH and Chlorine closely  monitored, to ensure the safety of the people.

Verder can provide both owners of those pools with an intelligent, all in one solution that is the DUAL UNIT. This device has a built in controller for 2 parameters, pH and Redox (ORP) or pH and Chlorine (direct PPM reading) and 2 pumps to dose the proper chemicals.

The DUAL UNITS can be equipped with solenoid pumps, for higher flow rate or with peristaltic pumps, for smaller pools or in door pools. These systems comes with several options like level switches, flow switches and alarm. The built in instrument offers several degree of setting to give the installer wide dosing solutions. Temperature can also be monitored and the CPU will adapt reading automatically, if a PT100 probe is connected to the unit 

The DUAL UNITS can also be assembled of fully accessorized panels, that come ready to be installed on site, by the user. The panels are provided with probes, probe holders, filtration systems and all the required accessories for the installation.