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New: Verderflex Dura 65

The new DURA 65 joins the Verderflex Family – it’s much more than just a facelift. We have thought about the pump not just from a technical standpoint, but also what would make life easier, for both the owner and the user. So how have we done this?

For the Owner - We have brought in the technical advances from the rest of the DURA range but have now increased the utilised length of the hose so that the unit now has a class leading swept volume and can achieve a maximum continuous flow rate of 22m3/hr. This puts our DURA 65 with a flow rate that matches existing pumps in the market place which are designated as ‘80’ size. So cost per flowrate is better value for money.

For the User – We have made some modifications which ensure that servicing is more about ease, and reduced time rather than mess and complexity. There is now a fill nozzle for the lubricant, and a service access port on the front cover. 

To make it safer we have fitted a lifting point on the front cover, and added a valve and hose tail at the lubricant drain port so it will not go all over the floor, when emptying.

There is an option for a level indicator, and also max/min fluid sensors for the lubricant bath – so it can be connected up and remotely monitored. (This can also support hose failure monitoring).

Key Features:

  • Class leading Continuous Flowrate of 22m3/hr .
  • Greater utilisation of hose so greater swept volume (Higher flow/lower revolutions = longer hose life).
  • The same reliable design of the Verderflex hose providing an optimum hose life.
  • Filler Nozzle/Access port – Can change the hose without removing the front cover.
  • Self-priming/ Dry Running/Sealless Peristaltic Technology.

Click here to download the Dura 65 datasheet