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New Verder Hygienic pumping program huge success!

With the addition of JEC to the Verder group of companies, the hygienic pumping program is extended and well fit to conquer the hygienic market. Not only our customers are extremely enthusiastic about the lobe, piston and twin-screw pumps from JEC but our sales force is also very pleased with this meaningful addition to the Verder pumps program. Already with very nice results: multiple pumps have been ordered throughout Europe and they are being demoed as we speak.

The JEC Twin screw pump is transferring maltodextrin, a hydrolyze of starch. It’s also used as an aroma or an excipient. It has a bit of a sweet taste and it is used amongst others to coat aspartame pills. Aspartame is a substitute for sugar.

Viscosity is 2000 cPs at a temperature of 30°C. The process flow is 75 l/h at a pressure of 2 bar.

The JEC pump replaces a progressing cavity pump. The benefits of the JEC pump are

  • A lower cost of ownership (no excessive wear at wetted parts)
  • No particle contamination in the process
  • Easier CIP process

The process is a pilot; If the pilot line is successful and will be taken into production, the flow rate and the number of pumps, will be much higher.

For more information on how our hygienic pumps can help your process, read more here.