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NEW iDura for Dura 5 to 35 – AVAILABLE NOW

The Verderflex Dura now has an iDura option – a complete “ready to use” Dura hose pump including an IP66 inverter and integral hose burst sensor.


The iDura dramatically simplifies on site installations to:

Plumb (into their piping),

Power (connect the power supply and optionally,4 to 20mA speed control input),

Program (set the flow using the inverter’s potentiometer)

and Pump (the liquid).

Every iDura has built in flow rate flexibility : users can easily increase or decrease the flow rate to accommodate production variations.  Helpfully, every iDura is pre- programmed with its nominal flow rate – these can be simply changed using the inverter’s potentiometer and it’s easy to see display.

Additionally, the pre-wired hose burst protection uses the same display to show when it has automatically stopped the pump eliminating additional controls and wiring.

To learn more about the iDura serie, click here