About Verder

More stability, increased quality of your product!

In-line dispersing, mixing and homogenization



Verder introduces the Packo high shear pumps.  A single system is sufficient for the in-line mixing, dispersing and homogenization of two media streams, as well as for pumping the final product.

Thanks to the special designed patented stator, together with small clearance between rotor and stator, an important shear will be generated resulting in a significant particle size reduction (between 1.4 and 2 μm)!  This reduction gives a more stable final product!

This innovative stator (patent pending) provides an efficiency from 70 to 100% higher than that of comparable technologies.

Typical applications include the blending of fluids with widely differing specific gravity and / or viscosity, as well as the dispersion of solid particles in liquids. Click here for more information on this new range!