Verder pumps for water treatment

Water and wastewater treatment plants are usually continuous flow operations, with additional treatments at certain points in the process such as vacuum filtration,dosing of chemicals, sedimentation, storage and disposal of the treated sludge. In addition to these processes there are water treatments that have a periodical operation; running once a week or once every day.

A professional waste treatment system combines a number of processes that are either:

  • Physical (e.g. filtration & flotation) 
  • Chemical (e.g. chlorination & coagulation)
  • Biological (aerobic & activated sludge processes)
  • A combination of these three.

It is through our comprehensive range of pump solutions that we can offer you a result that is right for your facility. Verder pumps are perfectly designed for pumping wastewater through all stages of treatment with high efficiency and reliability. Applications include:

Sludge treatment

  • Dewatered sludge pumping
  • Stabilized sludge pumping
  • Thickened sludge pumping
  • Pumping of primary sludge
  • Secondary sludge pumping
  • Tertiary sludge treatment

Wastewater treatment

  • Pumping wastewater
  • Odor control
  • pH correction
  • Dosage of flocculants
  • Determination of polymer
  • Feeding filter press

Application areas

Water purification

Verder pumps are designed for various applications pumping wastewater through the many process stages inthe purification. Highly efficient and highly reliable 

Industrial wastewater

Slurries & residues are highly corrosive, abrasive and need pumps that are able to handle highly viscous  fluids. The Verderflex, Verderpro and Verderhus ranges are designed to handle difficult to pump media,  equire low maintenance and are relatively low in cost to operate. 


The injection of lime is essential during the storage of sludge. Verderflex, Verderpro and Verderhus pumps are very good for pumping and dosing lime. The pump models are leak-free, deliver precise dosing and can operate sterile to the environment.

Filter Press Feed

An imbalance of low and high pressures can occur as a result of injecting the fluid for a chamber filter press system. With their extended range of accessories, Verderflex and Verderpro pumps ensure a trouble-free, controlled operation. The Verderair AODD range is suitable for the delivery of media into a press system as it  is self-regulating in accordance to the build-up of pressure from the filters clogging and slowing down the flow rate through the chamber. 

Liquid sludge

Verderflex Dura and Verderhus are compact units for pumping intense media such as liquid sludge in the transfer of floating material and dewatering. 


The thickening treatment process requires pumps capable of transferring viscous fluids. Verderflex, Verderpro and Verderhus pumps are suitable for the transport of corrosive fluids, fibers and particles, whilst adjusting to changes in viscosity and minimizing energy consumption. 

The dosage of polymers

The dosing of liquid polymers into sludge during the separation and dehydration process requires precise measurement at all stages of the treatment. Verder pumps can dose the fluids precisely at high pressure and  without shear.

Lime milk / activated carbon

The transfer of lime milk or activated carbon is an essential step in the treatment of wastewater. Verderflex peristaltic pumps are designed to provide the highest performance whilst having the smallest footprint.  Maximum efficiency, reliability and reduced maintenance costs are ensured when using Verder pumps.