For cleaning pipe work and systems

A producer of cheese in the food industry uses caustic soda and nitric acid to clean the pipe lines and systems of the production line.

The process

The tankers supply nitric acid and caustic soda for cleaning of pipe work and systems. The tanker is equipped with its own pump. The pump empties the cargo from the tanker to a storage tank. The pipeline consists of a flexible hose. 

The problem

Because the flexible hose is under high pressure, the hose sometimes jumps out of the coupling, causing acid and lye to escape. This causes a toxic cloud. Because the system was very dangerous the company decided to choose a safer system for both people and the environment.

The solution

Verdermag GLMD 30-600

  • The centrifugal pumping action is safer to reduce pressure build up in the discharge pipe than a positive displacement pump, making the hoses safer from decoupling.
  • Due to the Teflon lining, the pump is very resistant to nitric acid and caustic soda.
  • A secondary vessel measures flow and stops the pump if the flow is dropping too much
  • The pump is in-house, not on the tanker. There is control on the process

Customer benefits:

✔ 100% leakfree through magnetic coupling: safe for people and environment
✔ Low maintenance costs
✔ Superior protection against corrosive liquids