Pumping Bilge water with a Verderair double diaphragm pump

More and more Verderair air operated double diaphragm pumps are being used for pumping bilge water. 

Verderair double diaphragm pumps are an excellent choice pumping bilge water, because of the excellent chemical resistance of the wetted parts of the pump. The priming capabilities and the possibility of the Verderair double diaphragm pumps to pump oil/water mixture are essential features for bilge pumps. Not the least this air operated pump can also run dry without damage. 


The Bilge Industry

Bilge water is the collective name for the wastewater, oil residues and all other liquid wastes (also from domestic use) that are produced on a ship. This ballast water is collected in the bilges of the ship. And must be neutralized before discharging it in to the sea or storing it in bilge waste storage tanks for controlled disposal.

Bilge water is collected in the bilge (hull) of the ship and consists of maintenance and cleaning water, tank over flows, leaks and drains. The bilge water is pumped up into bilge water collection tanks. This in addition to the ship’s purifier waste water and the oil waste water. It is mixed than with other relative clean water residues such as condensate of air coolers and domestic wastewater.
From the bilge water collection tanks, the wastewater is pumped into a separator. In the separator water, oil and solid matter are separated. 

Following separation the cleaned water is discharged into sea; The polluted residue waste is being stored in bilge waste tanks until it can be disposed of in a controlled manner in a harbour.
Verderair double diaphragm pumps are certified as Marine certified equipment.