Precise dosing in many applications

Verderdos and Verderflex VP pumps are ideal pumps for precise dosing in many applications where accuracy is crucial.All products are CE certified. Recommended applications include measure & control of swimming pools, water treatment, chemical dosing, cleaning/hygiene, vending machines, bottle filling and other OEM applications. In water treatment, Verderdos VE and Verderflex VP dosing pumps and systems are used for the

Dosing of chemicals to treat all kinds of polluted water. 

Strong effect, small in price!

Verderdos: complete system for Chlorine (PPM) and pH reading and adjustment, with temperature compensation.

Verderdos product line offers:· 

  • technically advanced dosing systems
  • stand alone controllers
  • pumps with built in controllers
  • Solenoid range of pumps
  • Peristaltic range of pumps
  • Digital adjustment and SMD technology
  • Wide selection of materials for wetted parts
  • High customization degree
  • Modular solutions

Your benefits:

Simple and yet safe (values pre-set from factory)
To adjust in a few simple steps
Ready to start: plug and play!

Technical features:

IP 65Flow switch controlPt-Cu amperometric cell forPPM reading of free chlorine

Verderflex VP

Verder also offers a peristaltic pump program for pH, Redox and chlorine (ORP) measurement and control, as well as pumps for dosing via water meter. Also the peristaltic pumps are available with manual, digital and proportional adjustable flow rates. Depending on the specs of your spa equipment we can also create peristaltic dosing systems on demand. Our engineers can create any dosing solution for OEM applications.