Pumping wastewater from printing presses


The wastewater from the printing presses (containing 3% paint) is collected in an underground tank. Volume of this tank is 2000 liter. 15 m³ of wastewater must be transferred per day. The wastewater has to be sucked out of the tank by the pumps (suction height approx. 1.50 m) and then pumped into a tank approx. 150 m away. The wastewater treatment plant is connected to this tank.

The wastewater is then cleaned so that it can be discharged into the public wastewater network.


The submersible pump the customer used,  is installed submerged in the tank. Customer used to pump the wastewater from the collection tank to the WWTP with a submersible pump but since maintenance of the pump was difficult (whole pump was covered with wastewater and paint) the pump was exchanged to an AODD pump after it did breakdown. The AODD did do his work well but the customer wanted to use more environmentally friendly technologies this pump was exchanged for an electric driven double diaphragm pump.

Customer is going to gradually replace as many air operated pumps as possible into electric driven diaphragm pumps.


The customer is increasingly using environmentally friendly, resource-saving technologies. A detailed energy consumption calculation was made which showed the return on investment. Since the return on investment was short and the spare parts costs are similar to the costs of the EODD, a Verderair EODD was purchased.

Why an EODD?

  • Environmental friendly operation
  • ROI quickly achieved
  • Quick and easy cleaning