Pumping Urea


During the recycled paper production process, many chemical compounds are added including 10-15% concentration Urea dosed at a pressure of 4 bar with a variable flow rate up to 50 l/h.


Urea tends to crystallize, periodically creating clogging problems for the traditional solenoid operated diaphragm dosing pumps. When a pump clogged, the customer was unaware of the no or under-dosing because the pump signaled normal operation.


The peristaltic pump is insensitive to crystal formation - Urea is always metered when the pump is switched on and additionally, has no ancillary valves or other additional parts to increase the clogging risk. It has stable dosing characteristics and its performance depends only on the rotational speed regardless of the pipeline back pressure.

Why a Dura?

  • Predictable, reliable dosing
  • Predictable operating costs
  • Simple control
  • Genuine «dry» priming, elimination a maintenance operation
  • Easy service