Pumping ink and glues for paper manufacturing

Paper and pulp consists of (mixtures of) wood, textile and recycled old paper. Especially wood is of abrasive nature and can damage pumps easily. 

Our Verderair Pure air operated pumps are pure & solid. Solid machined double diaphragm pumps that are constructed of solid PTFE or PE. They are high wear  resistant pumps, also suitable for pumping pigments, adding coatings and PU laminates in the process. The pumps are also available in conductive versions and are ATEX compliant. The Pure double diaphragm pumps are fully metal free, no metal parts are in contact with the atmosphere. The pumps have an increased productivity and reduced operational cost against lower noise levels.

Application examples:

  • Pumping ink and glues
  • Kaolin clay 
  • Adhesives
  • Latex

Verderair VA and Pure diaphragm pumps are also good dosing pumps for adding pigments, coatings or laminate into the process.