Dosing ink with a peristaltic pump


Ink dosing into a printing machine.


Drying printing ink makes cleaning the inside of the gear pump very difficult risking contamination after job change over.


Verderflex Rapide R6 industrial tube pump
Easily changed tube size 12.7 x 3.2 mm
Gear motor 63 rpm with low power 250 W motor

Pump flow is controlled using an integral frequency converter between 10 to 65 Hz. For ease of use, the inverter controls (Speed/Start/Stop/Reverse) are 7 metres away from the printing line in an external control panel for easier access.

Why a Rapide?

  • Easy cleaning minimizes intra-batch cross contamination risks
  • No problems when the ink get’s dry when it is in the pump
  • Gentle, low shear pumping action eliminates frothing and bubbles
  • Full range of regulation due to frequency converter
  • Easy access to pump controls located away from the pump and printing machine