Accurate Dosing with Peristaltic OEM Pump Head

The Tropism Well automatically detects the presence of a person and gracefully pours an exact serving of drink before moving back to its original position. The Verderflex R3DC pump was the perfect fit for this application, with its robust design and thick wall tubing which excels in suction and pressure handling.

The Verderflex R3DC is used in the Tropism Well because:

  • Flow rates up to 3.4 l/min
  • Accurate dosing, with repeatability of ±0.5% and metering capabilities of ±2%
  • Containment by design, only the sterilised tube comes in contact with the liquid
  • Compact and easy to maintain, the quick tube change keeps maintenance time to a minimum
  • Can deliver a broad range of liquids of different viscosities including water, wine and fruit juice
  • Images Courtesy of John & Harvey, designers of the Tropism Well