Verderair HI-CLEAN diaphragm pumps for pumping sauces and creams

For production and transfer of sauces pumps require FDA approval and 3A certification.
Verderair diaphragm pumps are easy to clean either in an automatic Clean In Place (CIP) process or SIP (Steam in Place) process. Verderair operated pumps are also quickly to be dismantled in a manual cleaning process. 

For the handling of sauces and pastes our diaphragm pumps have some specific benefits making them excellent sauce pumps. 

Sauces often contain solid parts and are often viscous. A Verderair diaphragm pump can handle viscous sauces, pastes and pasty fluids. The Verderair sauce pump is able to handle fluids without shear damage or causing changes to the structure and consistency of a sauce.

Examples of pumping sauce:

  • bolognaise sauce for spaghetti
  • tomato sauce on pizzas
  • mayonnaise
  • bechamel sauce