About Verder

Pumps in the Brewing Process

Before a perfect beer can be drafted, it goes through many phases in the production process. To ensure the perfect beer each phase requires a different pump type. The perfect cleanable and high reliable Verder hygienic pump program helps avoiding product damage in each phase. The shear sensitive pumping of all ingredients guarantees to brew the best quality beer. 

A production process within a brewery, can be roughly divided into a cold and a hot phase. In each phase, different applications and diffent requirements. The Verder program can provide the perfect solution for each application. 

Please download our special brochure for the brewery, or read through by clicking to our pages about the challenges in the hot and cold phase of a brewery process. 


Applications in a Hot Process

1. Maize
2. Filter wort
3. Cooking wort
4. Cooling
10. CIP 

Which pumps are suitable? 

  • Packo MCP/ MFP (1,2,3,4)
  • Packo ICP/ ICP+/ FP (1,2,3,4)
  • Packo CRP Series (10)


More hygienic and more resistant
Lower energy costs and water consumption
Less downtime
Better NPSH value
Low shear & no product damage 

Applications in a Cold Process

5. Main fermentation/ propagation 
6. Cooling down and bearing
7. Filtering
8. Filling
9. Bottle fermentation

Which pumps are suitable?

  • Packo FP Series (5,6,8)
  • Verderflex Dura (7)
  • Verderpro VPH (7)
  • Verderflex Vantage 5000 (9)


Self priming
Suitable for abrasive and viscous fluids
Precision dosing
Simple programming
Quick and easy hose change
Remote controllable