Pumps to Produce the Perfect Butter

Verder Liquids can offer you the best pump solution in every step of the proces due to the very wide portfolio

We have solutions for problems as:

  • Product damage
  • Leaking seals
  • Hygienic issues or foodsafety
  • Cleanability issues
  • Low efficiency or high TCO

Whether it is about pumps, advice, service, maintenance or parts: Verder Liquids is your partner!

Applications in a Butter Manufactering Process

1. Milk Truck Collection
2. Milk transfer to storage
3. Milk transfer to Pasteurization
4. Milk transfer to centrifuge
7. Buttermilk transfer

Suitable pumps

Packo RMO series

Packo FP / FMS / MFP series

Your benefits

✔ More hygienic and more resistant

✔ Higher efficiency, lower water usage

✔ Lower downtimes

✔ Better NPSH values

✔ Low shear--> No product damage

Way of working

We always start from your process and associated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Based on this calculation we choose for a centrifugal or lobe/ twinscrew.


9. CIP

Suitable pumps

CIP+: Packo FP / ICP / MFP serie

CIP-: Packo CRP / MSCP serie

Your benefits

✔ More hygienic

✔ High airhandling capacities

✔ Silent and lower energy use

✔ Maintenance free


5. Cream to cheese Pasteurization
6. Cream to butter installation
8. Butter to form and filler

Suitable pumps

ZL Lobe pumps

ZS Twin Screw pumps

Your benefits

✔ More hygienic

✔ Best cleanability

✔ Low pulsation

✔ Low shear

✔ Double use of twin screw pump (product and CIP pump)

Possible certification

EC 1935/2004, FDA, 3A, EHEDG, ATEX