Tank Cleaning pump: Verderair diaphragm pumps for tank cleaning

When a truck tank is emptied the tank needs to be cleaned. The cleaning fluid is usually dependent on what the tanker has transported. The tank cleanser contains usually soap, chemicals, solvents and can even consist of foam. After the tank has being cleaned  the recuperation fluid needs to be pumped out of the tank again. 

An air operated diaphragm pump of Verderair is an excellent tank cleaning pump. The air driven tank cleaning pump is pumping the cleaning fluid out of the tank. The tank truck can be loaded with new cargo again.  The double diaphragm pumps are excellent self-priming and portable up to 560 l / min. Verderair double diaphragm pumps are chemically resistant to almost any cleaning fluid.

A similar application for our Verderair diaphragm pumps is the cleaning of ships. Verderair pumps are also very good ship tank cleaning pumps. Examples of ship tank cleaning are emptying and cleaning of tanks, tank cleaning of water ballast tanks with surface preparation, or cleaning and disinfection of fresh water tanks and systems.  Click here to view application of the bilge pump.