Safe pumping of additives with sulphuric acid

A European paint company produces paints, lacquers and additives for use in plastics, marine and automotive industries. Several secret additives are used for the production of component fluid parts such as thinners &  binders. The additives are used to strengthen or modify the basic paint mass, for the processing of limestone and distempers, for making transparent coatings and for marine applications in order to increase the adhesive force.

One of the fluids used for this process is sulphuric acid, which  is used as a reagent in the synthesis ofpigments for paint. In its pure state, sulphuric acid is highly corrosive to metals and cellular tissue: a behaviour that can be attributed to the strongly acidic nature of the substance, as well as the dehydrating and oxidizing effects.


The additives are pumped into the production vessel and added to the paint mass. Following the production process, the paint is filled into 200 litre drums, ready for dispatch.


Because of the corrosive nature of the sulfuric acid, Verder was asked to offer a reliable pump solution. Essential characteristics of this solution included a nonwearing working principle and a leak free operation, both for the additive process and for the filling of the vessels. The Verder specialists advised Verderair Pure pumps, because of its ultra-pure PTFE materials and solid design. A Verderair Pure pump can be equipped withadditional safety features such as double diaphragm chambers and leak sensors to signal a process alarm in the event of the diaphragm failure no chemical will be spilled in the environment.

The Verderair Pure Benefits

✔ Less wear 
✔ Less maintenance
✔ Fewer spare part costs
✔ Lower cost of ownership for the life of the pump