Screw Channel pumps in slurry applications

Pumping Kaolin Slurry

Installation of the Verderhus running with Kaolinite Slurry in a 24/7 duty controlled by a VSD replacing a 2 stage PC pump with a last time of 3 months. In another Kaolin application is the Verderhus replacing armann centrifugal pumps.


✔ Less wear
✔ less parts
✔ Smaller foot print
✔ Higher efficiency (less friction losses in the pump)

Abrasive slurry in Biogas plants

The Verderhus pump is pumping cooked abrasive liquid, and is installed at a Biogas plant. 

Process details

  • Flow rate 30000 t/year
  • Electric power production: 12.000.000 kWh/year 
  • Heat production: 15.000.000 kWh/year
  • Gas supply: 800.000 m3 biomethan/year
  • 3 fermentation tanks each 3000 m3
  • 2 secondary fermenting tanks each 5000 m3
  • 2 block heat and power plants each 836 kW electric

The Verderhus pump is pumping between sanitation (S) and the Mixing pit (7). The hot liquid produces the energy mentioned above (see picture) Viscosity is 150Cst, Solids content 15-20% and the temperature is approx 80°C Usually the pumps in this application at a biogas plant are lobe pumps with a rubber lobe version. In this application the life time of the lobes, as average, was only 3 months.The flow rate with new lobes is 60 m3/h. Over time, the flow rate decreased from 60m3/h down to 20m3/h due to wear. At this very low point the lobes had to be changed. The lobe pump was replaced by a Verderhus pump. The only needed maintenance needed now is a check of the bearings and the mechanical seal once a year. Under regular conditions, lifetime of the mechanical standard SIC/ SIC seal is two years. With the same motor  lower of 7.5kW the pump has a flow of 100m3/h. The plant manager stated: “We lost a lot of money with warranty cases on the lobe pumps and we can confirm, that the Verderhus is the best pump for the applications on the Biogas plants. We are now using the pumps since more than 8 months in a 24/7 duty cycle without any complaint.”