Verderair diaphragm pumps for pumping paint & lacquer including pigments

Verderair VA and Verderair Pure pumps have excellent properties for pumping paint mixture and adding pigments. Also varnish and laminate can be pumped without problems. The solid PTFE machined body is resistant against chemicals and abrasion. ATEX AODD pumps are available to meet explosion proof environments. 

Verderair pumps are also used to fill vials, bottles or cans with paint. Throughout the paint and lacquers manufacturing process air operated double diaphragm pumps are commonly used.  Also in the process industry many Verderair double diaphragm pumps are used in paint applications. Eg as a feed pump for paint spraying guns. 

Background on coatings, paint & lacquer industry.
The basic ingredients for the production of paint are starch, oils, pigments, fillers and dilutions. The binding agent is important for the gloss, the hardness, elasticity and durability of the paint. Several binding agents result in different sorts of paints and top coatings. A good example is a hardened Polyurethane coating.
The pigments give the paint the colour and porosity of the paint. The durability of the colour is determined by the use of pigments. Solvents determine the viscosity of the paint. For top coatings and primers a drying agent (siccative) is commonly used. 

Because of environmental requirements more and more water based paints  are produced.  Also for water based paint, where the pigments dilute less easily, Verderair double diaphragm pumps have the right materials. 
Paint pumps are used in the paint tank farm, where  the colours, resins, oils and solvents collected. At the metering deck the ingredients are weighed and dosed. Usually, at this stage the pigments are added.
Paint pumps are used to transfer the ingredients to preparation tanks to create a rough mix. Following this pre-mixing stage the paint mixture is moved by another diaphragm pump to the dispersion mill for a total homogeneous mixing. To complete the primary production of the paint, the homogeneous mixture is pumped to a dilution tank. Diluents are added, after which the paint is ready for further processing