Pumping natural and synthetic latex in the carpet industry

Latex in the carpet industry is used as fixative for the back of the carpet. Both tufted carpet type such as sisal woven and flat weave production should be fixated with a back layer. The layer is commonly done with latex. Latex consists in both synthetic and natural forms. Synthetic latex is the most common form used in the carpet industry.
If the carpet is knotted or woven, the first step is applying a primary layer of latex. This is done to fix the threads of the carpet. Then, usually another layer of latex is applied to improve wear resistance and sensitivity to reduce the slip. The latex is then pumped into the production line. Both pump actions are easily be done with an air-operated double diaphragm pump.
After applying the latex (an aqueous emulsion), the carpet is dried in the oven. The water evaporates and the latex adheres to the fibers. Than a second layer of latex is being applied. Again dried in an oven. Combined with the material of under carpet eg burlap or felt or a special layer called actionback. Latex molecules intermingle with the under carpet and create long-lasting quality rug.