Multifunctional use of diaphragm pumps by paint manufacturer Koopmans Verf

Located in the town of Marrum in Friesland, the Netherlands, Koopmans Verf has been manufacturing paints, latex and varnishes for over a century. The paint manufacturer is well known for its large variety of ecofriendly paints on linseed oil base. Koopmans Verf’s production process is standardised with air operated diaphragm  pumps, which yield savings in time, maintenance and costs.

In the cycle from base ingredients to a high-quality end product, paint manufacturers use many different liquids. Using one type of pump that has no trouble processing liquids with vastly deviating characteristics is both efficient and economically beneficial. The great range of pump casing materials and different diaphragms makes the diaphragm pump an outstanding piece of equipment for many pump applications in the paint manufacturing process, as the pump can easily be adjusted to the chemical composition of many different liquids. Koopman’s head of maintenance, Mr Nicolai, found that the pneumatic diaphragm pump previously  used on the factory floor was difficult to keep in peak condition, on top of which the machine was rather  expensive. Verder installed several Verderair diaphragm pumps. Rounds of testing showed that these pumps are far easier to maintain, due to the air valve mounted on top of the pump, which provides quick access to the diaphragms

“The Verderair pumps work great. The pumps are very easy to maintain, and also appealing due to their pricing,” says maintenance engineer Nicolai.

The savings in maintenance time and purchase costs led to a significant drop in the pumps’ Life Cycle Costs. After testing, Koopmans Verf standardised its manufacturing process with the Verderair diaphragm pumps. Since then, over 20 pumps have been installed on the factory floor, driving all kinds of components of the production process. The diaphragm pumps are used for pumping and dosing solvents, filling and emptying ball mills, and filling latex and paint cans. Mr Nicolai has mounted many of the pumps on mobile skids, allowing for easy implementation in different applications and for the optimal use of the paint manufacturer’s multifunctional diaphragm pumps.