Verderair Pure: diaphragm pump for harsh demands in the photovoltaic industry

Pumping silicon slurry with Verderair Pure 

The new series Verderair Pure full PTFE or PE double diaphragm pumps are constructed from virgin PTFE or PE(UHMW) solid machined material. The solid, machined pumps are excellent for applications in the photovoltaic manufacturing solar (PV) industry. The VA Pure pumps are air operated and have a great abrasion and chemical resistance to handle silicon slurry and eg powdered silicon carbide.

  • Some applications of Verderair Pure in the photovoltaic industry
  • recirculation of cutting agents for silicon ingots (slurry of glycol with powdered silicon carbide)
  • recirculation of polishing slurry for silicon wafers
  • pumping of anti reflecting coating for silicon (coating of titanium dioxide and silicon oxide)
  • pumping chemical fluids
  • ceramic glaze supply

Also for pumping the process water and other by products: Verderair Pure diaphragm pumps handle all abrasive and viscous fluids and slurries well without problems.

Pure pumps are also available in conductive versions (PE and PTFE).

Accessories such as pulsation dampeners, barrier chambers and stroke counters complete the full pump functionality of the Verderair Pure double diaphragm pumps.