China clay pump: Verderair diaphragm pumps for china clay

A Verderair Pure pump has specifiic features to make pumping ceramic slurry easier. The Verder Pure pump is constructed out of pure and solid materials. The machined models made of  pure PE are highly abrasion resistant, ideal for pumping China clay into the moulds. They can even pump glazes. Verderair Pure pumps also transfer rubber slurry, white cement, linoleum masse, soap streams, ink, lubricants and cosmetics.

No additional equipment needed

China clay and other ceramic slurry are easily pumped with a Verderair pump because of the extensive choice of materials and the extended material combination possibilities. The pump handles very abrasive, viscous China clay and ceramic slurries. No expensive additional equipment to measure and control the pressure are used to control the shape moulds. Therefore a Verderair double diaphragm pump is the perfect pump to pump China clay.

Pumping China Clay slurry

A classic example of an application where a China clay pump is used, is the manufacture of porcelain toilet pans and basins. The China clay slurry is pumped from the storage tanks to the form moulds. In a form mould the China clay is kept under pressure. Once China clay has cooled, the mould form is removed and the porcelain is baked. Ceramics may only be called porcelain if the china clay is baked in a minimum temperature of 1400 °.