Packo ZW Rotary Wine Pumps

During red winemaking process, 4~5days fermentation and 30~40days maceration is needed. The process of fermentation in wine is the catalyst function that turns grape juice into an alcoholic beverage and maceration is the main wine making process by which the red wine receives its red color, since 99% of all grape juice is clear-grayish in color by pumping wine out from under and over onto the top.

Advantages Packo ZW lobe pumps

✔ Because the rotors of the ZW series are made of EPDM, pumps are safe from galling by grape skins, seeds and stem
✔ Pulse free rubber heli-lobe rotor
✔ Low shear for less damage
✔ EHEDG and 3A approved
✔ Simple construction and less maintenance

Features Packo Wine Pumps

  • Heli-lobe rotors are standard, optionally bi-lobe. Standard stainless steel gear box is made from precision casting for a paint free, rust free and long last durability. 
  • Specially designed triple lip seal that provides faster maintenance, reliable sealing and an extended seal lifetime.
  • ZW series can adapt a front loading seal, like the ZL series, which have been certified with EHEDG and 3-A standards (optional).
  • A variety of connection options are available such as SMS, RJT, DIN, ISO, Tri-Clamp and Flanges.

Applications Wine Pumps

  • Must, lees, pomace transfer
  • Juice transfer
  • Barrel racking
  • Bottling
Packo ZW Rotary Wine Pumps

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