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Verdergear Gear Pumps

Liquiflo pumps are excellent for demanding applications with hazardous fluids or expensive chemicals. Due to the precise manufacturing tolerances and their linear flow rate, Liquiflo pumps are perfect for dosing applications. Liquiflo gear pumps reduce cost, reduce risk and generate exceptional performance. For heavy-duty, industrial applications, the H series provides a robust pump for medium-flow transfer and dosing applications. The pump is constructed to provide a long service life with sturdy flange connections configured to industrial standards and a robust pump housing and bearing-shaft assemblies sized for significant loads. The ‘H’ series can handle fluids of up to 100,000 mPas. The gear mechanism is available in different tolerances and in high-grade alloy material.

Advantages Verdergear gear pumps

√ The Verdergear R Series of Internal Rotary Gear Pumps are suitable for handling of fluids of any viscosity that require a gentle, pulsation-free flow.

√ Features of the pump range include the constant capacity of the working principle which delivers a smooth, non-pulsating flow, which is ideal for shear-sensitive fluids and for accurate dosing.

√ All of the pump models are available with variable port positions, which makes it easy to install in existing systems or allows greater flexibility for the design of new systems.

Verdergear Gear Pumps

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