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New double-acting high-pressure AODD pump

Industrial pump manufacturer and distributor Verder Pumps South Africa now offers a new, FDA-approved high-pressure, double-acting diaphragm pump, suitable for filter-press applications where the discharge pressure is higher than the available compressed air pressure.

The new VA25-HD (DA) high-pressure diaphragm pump features the traditional advantages associated with high-pressure pumps, including


  • stalling against closed discharge, which means that no safety pressure valve is required;
  • boosting pressure double the compressed air pressure;
  • no need for ancillary equipment to regulate flow at raising discharge pressures.



 Some features that are unique to this pump include:


  • The new model has the same maximal flow rate as a standard Verderair VA25 diaphragm pump
  • It is double acting, therefore produces stable and efficient flow;
  • It has a low to high-pressure switch that allows for it to be more efficient.
  • The VA25-HP (DA) is, therefore, the ideal pump for filter-press applications.

The existing range of high-pressure diaphragm pumps, which are single-acting pumps, can deliver fluid pressures of up to double the supplied compressed air pressure. This results in a pulsating flow, high compressed air consumption and a 50% reduction of the flow rate.

Pressure Switch

In addition, the VA25-HP (DA) pump has a switch to change the pump operation from low pressure to high pressure. At the low-pressure setting the pump operates in normal, low-pressure mode with optimum use of the compressed air. When operating in high-pressure mode, the pump boosts the liquid pressure to double the compressed air pressure; with flow rates double that of a single-acting, high-pressure pump.