Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

One of the world’s leading peristaltic pump manufacturers – Installed from the Canadian wilderness to South African mines and every industry in between.

What is a peristaltic pump?

A peristaltic hose pump uses a hose to channel the fluid through a pump casing. The fluid is moved within the hose by a central rotary mechanism. The rotor compresses the hose, creating a temporary seal. The rotor moves the ‘seal’ during its rotation until the fluid is expelled from the pump. A lubricant bath within the casing can provide cooling and reduce the effects of friction on the hose, though non-liquid lubrication models are available.

There are 2 main types:

  • Hose - For heavy duty fluids, higher viscosity and larger solids, pressures and flow rates
  • Tube - For low flow applications in commercial, lab and some industrial processes

Why would I buy one?

    9 times out of 10 it is because you have a slurry or sludge type fluid which is highly abrasive or contains solids. The peristaltic pump is inherently suited to these fluid types as the hose allows easy passage and the graduating compression of the hose to move the fluid is resistant to abrasive particles.   

      On a day-to-day basis it is one of the easiest pumps to live with. This is mainly due to the pumping principle – It’s incredibly robust to heavy duty fluids and as the fluid only passes through a flexible hose without coming into contact any other working parts, there is very little wear on the pump.

        It is also one of the most reliable pumping principles as the pump self-primes, can run dry without damage, is insensible to clogging and the action can simply be reversed should an unforeseen blockage occur.

        Where are they used?

        The most common applications are in the wastewater sector where the larger hose pumps types handle sludges at various stages of processing and the small pumps dose lime chemical in the treatment process.

        Many mining corporations around the world use our VF125s, the world’s largest peristaltic pump to handle thickener underflow and other abrasive slurries which would quickly wear a centrifugal impeller.

        In commercial applications, Verderflex pumps have been used in Breweries for dosing kieselguhr, in paint manufacturing for handling pigments and at the end of many processes dosing chemical into effluent prior to being returned to drain.

        Why should I buy from Verder?

        Verderflex is one of the world’s leading hose pump manufacturers – The pumps have been proven time and again in commercial premises as well as some of the most hostile environments in mining and chemical works.

        Verder design, manufacture and sell the pumps – This means we can tell you every feature and aspect of the pump in detail to ensure the correct pump is specified.

        At your disposal is the technical advice from our experienced team of pump engineers who have been involved with peristaltic pump installations in all industry areas. They can advise on the the best decision for your budget and process.

        Our pumps can be tailored to fit your application perfectly with optional accessories for leak detection, materials for chemical compatibility and FDA and ATEX compliant builds.