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Carbolite Gero

The UK-based company is an expert in designing and manufacturing high-temperature ovens and furnaces up to 1,800°C with capacities between 1 and 10,000 litres. Carbolite products are exported worldwide for use in industries such as aerospace, ceramics, metals, mining, pharmaceuticals, electronics, composites and materials science. In addition to routine ashing and heat treatment models as well as sample preparation and testing, Carbolite produces specialized furnaces and ovens used in advanced material research, coal, coke and iron ore testing, gold assay and melting, ash fusion testing, and clean room use.


Gero is specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-temperature furnaces up to 3,000 °C, with a strong focus on vacuum and special atmosphere applications. Based on more than three decades of experience, Gero’s objective is to develop innovative and economical solutions matching the customer’s individual requirements. The wide range of heat treatment applications covers industries such as ceramics, metals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, composites, materials science, as well as scientific research. 

Gero has gained a worldwide reputation for the high quality and reliability of their products. This is due to their dedicated customer focus, profound theoretical and practical knowledge of heat treatment technologies as well as an extensive sales and service network.


Retsch is the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments for homogenizing laboratory samples for analysis as well as for analyzing the particle size of solid substances by test sieving. The product portfolio includes mills and jaw crushers, capable of reducing materials down to any required fineness, sieve shakers and test sieves as well as assisting technologies. Retsch instruments are used in quality control and research and stand for representative sample preparation in compliance with relevant standards and contamination-free comminution processes.


Retsch Technology develops and sells state-of-the-art optical measuring systems for particle characterization (size and shape) in suspensions, emulsions, colloidal systems, powders and granules, based on Dynamic Image Analysis and Laser Light Scattering. The measuring range of Retsch Technology’s particle sizers spans from 0.3 nm to 30 mm. Particle size and particle shape determine some of the most important properties of a material, for example flow behavior, solubility or pourability. Determining and maintaining these properties plays an essential role in production, research and quality assurance.