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Sanitary Pump Series

Packo food pump series are used in the most demanding hygienic applications in almost all industries such as dairies, breweries, beverage industry and distilleries, etc. These perfectly cleanable process pumps are the ideal reliable component for filtration applications, pasteurisation, yeast propagation and for CIP cleaning systems as well.

Sanitary Pump Series

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max suction lift Max. Inlet pressure Max. temperature Certificates Technosheet


880 GPM 229.6 feet 580 PSI 284 °F EN 1935, FDA, ATEX, EAC 


1760 GPM 98.4 feet 145 PSI 284 °F EN 1935, FDA, EAC 


88 GPM 164 feet 72.5 PSI 284 °F EN 1935, FDA, EAC, USP