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Mixing technologies

The new, efficient high shear mixing method is based on the proven EHEDG certified Packo pump series FP2 with open impeller and series FP3 with closed impeller. The Packo shear mixer pump is mainly used for in-line mixing, homogenisation and dispergation applications. The shear is generated between the rotor and an innovative and optimized perforated stator (patented). The final goal is to achieve a homogeneous solution of two liquids with high difference in viscosity and or density and to obtain a significant particle size reduction for emulsions and particles leading to a more stable final product.

Mixing technologies

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. Outlet pressure Max. Inlet pressure Max. temperature Certificates Technosheet


352 GPM 147.6 feet 145 PSI 284 °F EN 1935, FDA, USP, ATEX 


880 GPM 180.4 feet 145 PSI 284 °F EN 1935, FDA, USP, ATEX