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Verderair Pure

The Verderair Pure is designed for heavy-duty operation, harsh chemicals and severe process conditions, such as the manufacturing of photovoltaic solar panels, power stations, acids, solvents and petrochemical facilities. The Pure range is machined from a single block of virgin grade PE or PTFE. By machining the pump housing there are no welding points, which reduces material stress points and has superior handling properties against mechanical forces.

Double Diaphragm Pumps

Verderair diaphragm pumps are the best solution for applications that require more than just transporting liquids. Also very sticky and viscous liquids, or liquids containing solids can be handled without problems. The quick acting air valve technology is making the VA, VA PURE and the VA HI-CLEAN the most efficient diaphragm pump series on the market.

Verderair Pure

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. (discharge) pressure Liquid conn. Maximum suction lift (wet) Certificates Technosheet

VA P08

5.02 GPM 101.5 PSI 1/4" NPT  29.52 feet ATEX 

VA P10

7.4 GPM 101.5 PSI 3/8" NPT  29.52 feet ATEX 

VA P15

15.85 GPM 101.5 PSI 1/2" NPT  29.52 feet ATEX 

VA P25

39.63 GPM 101.5 PSI 1" NPT  29.52 feet ATEX 

VA P40

97.74 GPM 101.5 PSI 1 1/2" NPT  29.52 feet ATEX 

VA P50

174.35 GPM 101.5 PSI 2" NPT  29.52 feet ATEX 
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