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Verderair e-PURE

The Verderair e-PURE electrically driven double diaphragm pump uses a new kind of technology for diaphragm pumps. This pump series works according to a horizontal fluid flow path, which gives a more energy efficient and less friction loss fluid path. A direct result is reduced maintenance, lower energy costs and a longer life time. The pump housing is manufactured from solid machined PTFE or PE (UHMW). The other wetted parts are made from PEEK and SS 316L. The e-PURE ensures a sustainable solution combined with diaphragm pump advantages.

Verderair e-PURE

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. (discharge) pressure Max. solids particle size Maximum suction lift (wet) Maximum suction lift (dry) Technosheet


7.93 GPM 72.5 PSI 0.08 inch 29.52 feet 16.4 feet


13.21 GPM 72.5 PSI 0.08 inch 29.52 feet 16.4 feet


26.42 GPM 72.5 PSI 0.16 inch 29.52 feet 16.4 feet